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At vOffice we offer a number of solutions that allow you to work remotely

From sharing of documents to accessing your full desktop. If you are looking to move your business to the cloud you have come to the right place.


Makes your business files accessible to all staff from any location with an internet connection, be it your office, on the road via mobile 3G/4G broadband, or a private ADSL home connection for the home office worker. Access files offline by synchronizing them to your desktop and have them automatically update next time you connect, giving everyone access to the latest files. Also allows multiple users to work on the same document (co-authoring). 


Our Hosted Desktops are a perfect way of giving your users a consistent experience wherever they go.

Once they login they will have the same desktop, same apps, same configuration no matter where or what device they are using. Access all of your applications and files as if you were in the office.