Hosted Files


vOffice solutions provide secure access to your files via an internet connection, making your business files accessible to all staff from any location with an internet connection, be it your office, on the road via mobile 3G/4G broadband, or a private ADSL home connection for the home office worker.

The vOffice Cloud solutions address normal business risks by offering:

  • Business files securely accessed via an easy to use Windows Interface
  • Secure document access via user and/or group membership
  • Inbuilt document versioning with version rollback ability
  • Document access independent of physical location
  • Simple Installation and Implementation
  • Support for all file formats

As well as providing:

  • Improved employee productivity by providing access to your business documents from any location with an internet connection.
  • Reduction in daily operating expenditure by removing the need for extensive travelling back to a base office to update documents and send to various third parties

Achieving this level of service, resiliency, and agility in an enterprise file management solution is normally a costly process. We have designed our solution on state-of-the-art technology, and built a reliable migration process which will move you to the vOffice solutions with ease.

The monthly user based service fee also includes system support services such as helpdesk support, network administration, back-up, and regular software updates thereby effectively ‘flat-lining’ IT costs.  When considering the Total Cost of Ownership, the vOffice solution is clearly a far more cost effective alternative to investing valuable capital in your own server based IT environment.

vOffice vShare Cloud File Storage

  • Business grade local storage to cloud file sync service, with full security access control including Web Access for application that will not operate within a document management solution for flexible access while in the office or on the road.
  • Convenient online access to all company documents and files from any location.
  • Access documents from multiple device types (PC’s through to Smartphones)
  • Simple and effective automatic document version control.
  • Keep all files secure in a single central vault accessible at any time.
  • Automated offsite backup replication.


vDox enterprise information management solutions will improve how you manage documents and other information in order to become more productive, more efficient and stay compliant.

vDox provides the customer with a Metadata/Tag driven document repository. vDox is a full document management system designed as a replacement solution for your traditional file system based on folders.

Over 95% of all new information produced by a company is created and stored electronically.

A proactive approach to document management safeguards your corporate information. VDox removes information silos from your business. Your staff can access all the information they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

  • When you find a document in VDox you know it’s the right one thanks to our automated version control.
  • Automate common business processes like supplier invoice approval with VDox powerful workflow engine.
  • Manage, edit, share, review and approve content from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • You don’t need a degree to use VDox. Our customers tell us VDox is so intuitive that their staff pick it up in no time.
  • Secure and reliable. Your content is always backed- up and safe – with minimal IT admin effort required.
  • Disaster Recovery compliant – gain quick access to your documents even in the event of a disaster.
  1. VDox provides everything you need in one system.
  1. VDox provides everything you need in one system.
    With VDox, file redundancy and data loss issues disappear. Workflow is streamlined and information re-use is maximised. This results in improved business processes, increased productivity and lower costs.
  2. Dynamic Views
    VDox Dynamic Views are virtual folders that allow users to access the information they need instantly. All information in VDox is organised by WHAT it is instead of WHERE it’s stored. We understand that different people organise content in different ways. That’s why VDox allows you to organise and view anything exactly how you want to.
  3. Searching
    Searching for (and finding) information in VDox is simple and lightning fast. Search by document name, customer, document type, keyword, and more. VDox even searches inside documents to make sure you can easily find what you’re looking for.
  4. Saving Documents
    VDox integrates with all Microsoft products which makes saving documents a breeze. Simply use the normal “Save” and “Save As” commands or even drag-and-drop files straight into the Vault. New files can be saved directly from Microsoft Office, Outlook, Acrobat or CAD, while ensuring they can be easily discovered and accessed by others in your organisation.
  5. Automatic Permissions
    Managing complex access control policies becomes overwhelming with the limitations of most systems. VDox provides unlimited control over any type of content while keeping things simple. That’s because permissions can be assigned based on WHAT something is instead of WHERE it’s stored. Give control back to the responsible business manager while freeing up IT resources.
  6. Outlook Integration
    VDox is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Easily save emails and attachments directly to your VDox vault. VDox Smart Folders know exactly what documents are and who they are related to. Find out how VDox and Microsoft Outlook help you get things done quickly.
  7. Offline Availability
    Accessing important information and documents no matter where you are is vital. VDox Offline Availability allows you to view, edit and save documents even without access to WiFi or a VPN. Dynamically choose which content you need offline (like all documents related to a certain customer or project) and VDox makes sure it’s available to you offline.