Cloud Backup

vOffice offer a range of cloud backup solutions:

  • vBackup for vPlatform: Backup solution for those using our cloud based server
  • vBackup for Business: Backup your workstations and servers to the cloud using a backup agent
  • vBackup for Office 365: Backup you emails in Office 365
  • vBackup for Veeam or ShadowProtect: Fully managed or managed by you, add cloud backup to your existing environment

vBackup for vPlatform

A Backup solution for any customers using our cloud based vPlatform. We can back up any of your virtual machines if required and either hold them locally, send the backups off-site or even replicate them to the opposite Datacentre in the event we have a disaster that takes one of our Datacentres out.

By default, we hold a scheme of 3 days of hourlies, 7 days of dailies, 4 weeks of weeklies and 6 months of monthlies on the device itself – and similar in the cloud off-site. However, we do offer lighter plans as well such as daily backup only. We also offload all our backups after 6 months to cold storage and retain those a further 6 months allowing a maximum retention of up to 1 year on your backups with us.

  • Completely managed service – no IT knowledge or support staff required
  • Supports all Operating Systems
  • Allows for as low as 15-minute incremental backups
  • Off-site backup copies and off-site replication/DR available to our opposite datacentre to your vPlatform virtual machines
  • Flexible retention periods with longer term archival to cold storage
  • Can be used on premise for the purpose of migrating machines into vPlatform
  • Daily or Weekly reporting available
  • Priced per Server and Storage consume

vBackup for Business

vBackup for SMB is a simple cloud file-based backup solution. Essentially you run a backup agent on your workstations or servers and chooses which files/folders you want to backup straight to our cloud solution. This is a perfect solution where a lower cost is required, data on workstations needs to be backed up, or the customer already perhaps has a backup solution and is looking for something a bit lighter to protect a specific set of files.

  • Completely managed service – no IT knowledge or support staff required
  • Support for Windows and some Linux Distributions
  • Allows for as low as 15-minute incremental backups
  • Backups are taken on premise and shipped straight to cloud (No staging required)
  • Backups are sent to our Wellington Datacentre and then replicated to Palmerston North
  • Priced per Machine and Cloud Storage consumed

vBackup for Office 365

vBackup for Office 365 offers you the ability to have your Office 365 Mailboxes backed up twice per day and stored in New Zealand on our platform. These backups can be used either to restore individual items or whole mailboxes back to Office 365, or they can even be used to restore to another platform should there be an outage with Office 365.

This product can also be used to backup regular Exchange and Exchange systems in Hybrid Mode with Office 365.

  • New Zealand based backup of your Office 365 Mailboxes
  • Ability to restore single items or whole mailboxes back to Office 365, Exchange or PST
  • Backed up twice per day, and retained for up to 1 year
  • Can backup regular Exchange, and Exchange/Office 365 Hybrids as well
  • Self Service restoration available upon request
  • Priced per Mailbox
  • Allows for retention by default of up to 1 year

vBackup for Veeam or ShadowProtect

Fully managed by us or managed by you from you backup console. vBackup for Veeam or ShadowProtect allows you to add a cloud repository and copy your backups off-site to our Wellington or Palmerston North Databases.

In the case of a disaster you can use those backups to restore to your servers or if you have a Disaster Recovery option with us, then restore to vPlatform.

  • New Zealand based backup Repository for Veeam and ShadowProtect
  • Available in our Wellington or Palmerston North Datacentres
  • Flexibility to grow/shrink your repository as required
  • vPlatform available to restore and run up VM’s in a disaster scenario
  • Priced per Machine and Storage consumed
  • Fully managed or Self-Service options available
  • Customers with DR reservation get priority and are guaranteed capacity on our platform in the event of a disaster