Hosted Security


Stop those dangerous emails from entering your business environment. vMX provides you with a cloud based Spam, Malware and Virus filtering service that also doubles as an SMTP queuing engine should your server be off-line for a period of time.

  • When Malware or Viruses are received the user is notified and the content is held in quarantine only releasable by vOffice Staff.
  • When Spam is received the content is held in quarantine as well, however the user is sent a daily quarantine notice and they are able to release the message themselves if they believe it’s legitimate.
  • Optionally a company administrator can be specified to receive all the quarantine reports instead and determine what to release.

vMX uses several industry techniques to capture as much bad mail as possible and
ultimately let the user decide what they want to release. Our solution also double-
scans all attachments with two separate antivirus products to ensure the best
capture of viruses and malware.

  • Mail Filtering for Viruses, Malware and Spam
  • Multiple AV Engines checking all attachments for Viruses and Malware
  • Plethora of industry techniques to capture as much Spam as possible (SPF, RBL, Bayesian, DRV, etc.)
  • SMTP Queuing for up to 5 days before returning to Sender
  • Web Access for Customer to Quarantine, Whitelist or Blacklist
  • Daily Quarantine Reports with all Spam received since the last Report
  • Individual Quarantine Reports per User OR Nominate a Company Admin to get all Quarantine Reports
  • Priced Per Mailbox being Filtered
  • Simple Managed Installation
  • Supports Office 365 and Google Mail for Inbound Filtering Only


vAware is a Security Awareness Training or Social Media investigation package used for educating your staff so they are well versed in phishing/spam and other types of malicious attacks and teaches them techniques and methods to predict, detect and avoid being caught in such traps.

One of the main methods used is sending either generic or tailored phishing attacks to a pool of staff and reporting back the extent the end user went, information they provided, etc. This can then help direct the training programs and videos which can either be done at a company wide level or at a tailored individual level.

There is also other methods used such as scouring social media and other platforms to see how potentially exposed a particular user and their information is, which could lead to simpler breach attempts or social engineering against the user.

  • Training for staff both in work and personal life to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by spammers
  • Reporting on how potentially exposed a user is to social engineering or potential breaching attempts
  • Sends simulated phishing and allows you to report on who is most at risk
  • Advanced functionality to do more specific simulated phishing targeting
  • Offers regular testing to help ensure staff are aware of the risk on a regular basis
  • Priced per User
  • Two options available, a three-month starter assessment and an ongoing monthly
  • Does require some time investment from the customer’s users for post-run training