Hosted Infrastructure


vPlatform is vOffice’s flagship IaaS Platform offering customers the ability to host virtual machines with us rather than needing on-premise infrastructure. Essentially this product is the New Zealand equivalent to that of Azure, Google Cloud or AWS Virtual Machine Instances.

Our Primary Datacentre is in Wellington, however, we can also offer IaaS hosting out of Palmerston North as well. Being completely managed service – if you need any changes you can contact us and we can grow/shrink your platform with us to whatever you require.

All vPlatform customers are entitled to our Shared Managed Firewall Service – or alternatively, we can supply isolated software-based firewalls for the customer as well. We’re also flexible and allow mix and match our vPlatform offering with vDatacenter should you have a requirement to run a physical server as well, or perhaps your own Firewall or WAN circuit device.

Our platform also includes solid backup solutions and Disaster Recovery Options to our other datacentres. Benefits

  • No on-premise infrastructure required
  • Available in both Wellington and Palmerston North
  • Low Latency access (<10ms) to most providers for best performance with your customers servers
  • Multiple Gigabit Link connections at each datacentre
  • Flexibility to grow/shrink your virtual infrastructure as required
  • Support nearly every operating system possible
  • Completely managed service – no IT knowledge or support staff required • Shared Managed Firewall service included, or ability to host and manage your own software or physical firewall
  • Ability to also utilise vDatacenter products for the your own gear
  • Backup and DR services available if required
  • Priced per VM along with Storage, CPU and RAM requirements
  • 1 Public IP included per IaaS tenancy as standard
  • Shared Internet Connectivity included per VM unless dedicated option is taken
  • Options for Academic Licensing or BYO with Software Assurance


vDatacenter is vOffice’s capabilities of Storage, Networking and Rack space offered to you as a product for your Co-Location requirements. We can offer our services in either our Wellington or Palmerston North Data centres.  

Our datacentres are fully monitored and managed, and only our staff are allowed access to make changes to your equipment. Being a completely managed service – you simply need to contact us for any changes required and we will arrange to have the changes made at the most appropriate time for you.

We offer a wide variety of Datacentre services including iSCSI storage volumes, 10G and 1G network ports on a private VLAN, Rack space by the U or entire Racks, Firewall Services, Internet Connections, etc. Benefits

  • No datacentre infrastructure required, just worry about your physical servers or get your equipment from us under a hardware as a service agreement HaaS
  • Available in both Wellington and Palmerston North
  • Fully redundant power, networking and storage in both locations
  • Secure fully managed Datacentres with monitoring and controlled access
  • Low Latency access (<10ms) to most providers for best performance with your customers servers
  • Completely managed service – no IT knowledge or support staff required
  • Multiple ISP’s available in each datacentre with options around bandwidth, speed, dedicated pipes and even dark fibre
  • Priced per Item consumed in Datacentre
  • 100Mbps Connection included with each dedicated rack taken
  • Managed Service only unless dedicated rack taken
  • Customer can utilise their own licensing, or use our licensing programmes