Disaster Recovery


vDR is available as physical backup appliance with DR reservation on our vPlatform or just a DR reservation on our vPlatform to restore your backups to.

These DR options ensure your business can continue to run in the event of a disaster.

Our physical backup appliance is a managed solution that backups up your data, restores that data onto itself and then also replicates it off-site to our datacentre in either Wellington or Palmerston North. This means that if a local disaster occurs and you lose your own server equipment – your vDR box can be used to stand up a single machine should you have a critical issue and need quick recovery. Or it can be used to stand up your entire infrastructure if the appliance has been sized with enough capacity.

By default we hold a scheme of 3 days of hourlies, 7 days of dailies, 4 weeks of weeklies and 6 months of monthlies on the device itself – and similar in the cloud off-site. However further retention may be possible depending on your requirements and storage.

For site wide disasters where the entire site is lost, you can recover your servers onto your reserved DR instance on vPlatform and keep your business going until you get back up on your feet. Restore from your backups stored in our datacentre (vDR or vBackup) or from your own backups.

  • On premise backup solution, all hardware and software included
  • Completely managed service – no IT knowledge or support staff required
  • Supports both Physical Servers and Virtual Hosts
  • Allows for as low as 15-minute incremental backups
  • Multiple models available to best suit your needs
  • Off-site backup copies and off-site replication/DR available to either Wellington or Palmerston North
  • Flexible retention periods (depending on space availability)
  • Daily or Weekly reporting available
  • Priced per Appliance and per Machine, along with Cloud Storage consumed
  • Appliance is typically sized at around half of your actual capacity – so a full load on the appliance may be slower than your regular infrastructure
  • Customers with DR reservation get priority and are guaranteed capacity on our platform in the event of a disaster
  • DR Reservation covers the customer for testing and/or running on our platform for up to 1 month per year