Hosted Desktop


vDesktop is vOffice’s Cloud hosted desktop solution where you can purchase a full managed and customised desktop environment on a per user basis. Our desktops are available from nearly any device including Windows, Mac and Mobile – utilising Citrix at its core, anywhere the Citrix Receiver can be installed our Hosted Desktop can be used.

Our Hosted Desktops are a perfect way of giving your users a consistent experience wherever they go. Once they login they will have the same desktop, same apps, same configuration no matter where or what device they are using.

Lower your cost for desktop hardware as you don’t need as much processing power, storage or RAM to run, as all the processing is instead done on our cloud servers.

Our hosted desktop is a fully managed solution – we take care of all the core updates for you, and will provide access to or work with your third parties for updates to their products.

vDesktop is session-based meaning you only need to purchase enough instances for the maximum number of staff that will be using it at any time. For example you may have 100 staff, but only 50 are online at any time, so you only need 50 licenses. This allows multiple users to share a single Remote Desktop server which reduces the overall cost of the solution.

  • No on premise infrastructure required
  • Low Latency access (<10ms) to most providers for best performance with your customers desktops
  • Access the desktop from nearly any device, anywhere in the world
  • Completely managed service – no IT knowledge or support staff required
  • Shared Remote Desktop Server with lower costs per user
  • Flexibility to grow/shrink your user numbers as needed
  • Dedicated server instances available for third party applications
  • All Advanced Citrix functionality available such as High Latency Connection Smoothing, Seamless Local Apps, Client Video/Audio Handoff, Two-factor Auth, etc.
  • Options to include vLicensing (SaaS) applications available
  • Discounts may be available for larger volumes – discuss with us